The American West

It has been stated that America, a country built of immigrants, lacks a succinct cultural identity when compared to the countries of our origin.  Though still young, this amalgamation of traditions has not had enough time under pressure to produce something uniquely it’s own.

When looking at the colonization and westward expansion of American-Europeans, a cultural trait manifested itself above all others.  Survivalism.  Those settlers that were capable of embracing the harsh terrain of the west, while absorbing the traditions of Native horsemen and Mexican Charro were many times more likely to survive, prosper, and inhabit this wild new territory.

As industrialization threatens to pave every mile of open plain, it’s important to take a moment to examine The American West as it now exists.  From the traditional horsemanship of Charro riders to high-elevation Ranchers, there is a commonality and current behind the most unchanged American culture to date.  The culture of the Cowboy.


Identity / Heritage 


Lucchese Boots


Video Production

The longest running

unadulterated culture

that defined America.

Moments in Time

The different faces of horsemanship.

No Quick Way 5:49

NRCHA Reined Cow Horse champion Phillip Ralls talks training at the elite level.

Since 1883 3:41

The craftsmen and production behind century-old Lucchese Boots.

Preserving Heritage 2:07

The Charro, one of the original horsemen of North America.